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Elected Officials and Dignitaries

  • Lesley Austin, former Issaquah School Board Director, retired, Issaquah

  • Lisa Callan, State Representative, 5th Legislative District; former Issaquah School Board Director

  • Paul Charboneau, Newcastle City Councilmember

  • Brian Deagle, former Issaquah School Board Director

  • Barbara De Michele, Issaquah City Councilmember; former Issaquah School Board Director

  • Connie Fletcher, former Issaquah School Board Director, former member Washington State Board of Education, retired, Issaquah

  • Zach Hall, Issaquah City Councilmember

  • Rituja Indapure, Sammamish City Councilmember

  • Russell Joe, Issaquah City Councilmember

  • Chad Magendanz, former State Representative, 5th Legislative District; former Issaquah School Board Director

  • Anne Moore, Issaquah School Board Director, Position #1

  • Bill Ramos, State Representative, 5th Legislative District

  • Tana Senn, State Representative, 41st Legislative District

  • Pam Stuart, Sammamish City Councilmember

Educators and Education Advocates

  • Janet Barry, former Issaquah School District Superintendent

  • Jenny Emsky, educator, Issaquah

  • Huma Mohibullah, educator, Issaquah

  • Ron Thiele, former Issaquah School District Superintendent


  • The Issaquah Education Association

Community Leaders

  • Matt Coyne, Former Board President, Issaquah Schools Foundation

  • Dave Hamilton, Bellevue Parks & Community Services Board Chair, Candidate for Bellevue City Council

  • KayLee Jaech, Executive Director, The Garage a Teen Cafe

  • Ray Manahan, Issaquah Equity Board

  • Mike Nurse, Former Issaquah Rotary President

  • Freya Thorson, Vice-President, Issaquah Special Education PTSA


  • Jeff Eckman, Issaquah, parent in the ISD

  • Pierre and Victoria Hintze, Bellevue, parents in the ISD

  • Jiefeng Li and Al Morasch, Issaquah, parents in the ISD

  • Frank Morales, Bellevue

  • Dawn Peschek, Issaquah, parent in the ISD

  • Barb Pexa, Issaquah, parent in the ISD

  • Jill Thiele, Enumclaw  

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Please note:  Endorsers' offices, positions, or organizations are provided for identification purposes only and do not denote an endorsement of the candidate by that organization.

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